October is unwinding its enchantment, and there's such a lot of magnificence for you to encounter.

The seasons are changing as are you.

Portions of yourself are showing some signs of life… taking in the outside air.

What a great gift you are.

This week is driving you on an excursion through every one of the shades of nature.

You will see a variable showcase of feelings, considerations, and activities that help you to remember the many shades of being human.

I've set the goal during the current Week's Energy Perusing to give you harmony.

A warm hug that advises you that you're protected at this time.

I've requested that the cards uncover:

How can you shed the layers you've grown out of what feeling of recharging is coming to you the message you want to know most this week: 

Here are the cards that have showed up for you:

How you can shed the layers you've grown out of: Child of Swords

Purposeful activity!!

At the point when you make an activity with a solid aim energizing you, it can assist with showing you the way you want to travel.

The activity needn't bother with to be enormous, yet the goal should be cognizant and clear.

By doing these sorts of activities consistently, you'll see the way those old layers of weakness, dread, and uncertainty normally shed from your being.

What feeling of restoration is coming to you: 10 of Pentacles

You will have a recharging in confidence of your funds, home security, and the soundness of your body.

Mending is in progress, and you'll see signs during the time that remind you how the endeavors you've been making have been working.

You'll have the consolation to continue doing what you're doing, that it's worth the effort.

The message you want to know most this week: 9 of Wands

You've ascended to another degree of acknowledgment.

This form of yourself can check out at the past with another point of view.

You're another storyteller of an old story, prepared to change and refresh as you see fit.

Your potential outcomes are boundless, darling.

This week is an extremely sure chance to shake off all the overabundance and return to what's generally normal to you.

On the off chance that you don't know what this is… that is awesome…you're headed to sort it out.

Your attestation during the current week is:

"I'm protected to act naturally and I'm upheld as I sort out what that's identity is."

Blessed Be!
Goddess Femi
"The Mermaid"