Are you ready for 2020?

Are you ready for 2020?

Get ready to Unlock The Power In You
14 Keys to Finding Your Power From Within

Life has a way of making us fear our own power. We begin feeling afraid of where our growth might
lead us. We must learn how to connect with our innerselves. In order to activate the right mindset.
The power of creativity begins with you. You have to focus on the life you’re in, because it is the key
to achieving your greatness.

Unlock The Power In You, 14 keys to finding your power from within is a spiritual guide. This book will
assist you in your self-discovery of finding your true self. You will examine 14 keys to guide you in
connecting your morals, beliefs and values. In this book, it will teach you how to unleash and develop
your own power. When you actually apply these keys, that's when you will Unlock The Power In You.

These 14 Keys will include spiritually fulfilling quotes, affirmations and worksheets that will emotionally
support and encourage you to allow your authentic self to become vulnerable. It will allow your
confidence to take place and blossom into opening up to your truth.