Navigating Social Media for Women of Color

Brunch & Learn given by Manhattan Chapter of National Coalition of 100 Black Women
I had the honor of attending this remarkable event this past Saturday at Row House in Harlem.
I never been to Row House, this place was phenomenal.  They had a live band playing upstairs.
As I enter the premises I see this beautiful banner represented by National Coalition of 100 Black Women. I walked downstairs and was greeted immediately as I was getting checked. Smiles were everywhere.

Nothing more beautifully designed than a room full of gorgeous Black Women. I will admit that I didn't know what to expect, I always keep an open mind.

As I found a seat, I spoke every time I was greeted it's important to build new relationships with women. I was proud at that moment, WHY? I felt a sense of urgency coming over me that I rarely feel when I'm in a room full of women. My soul was content with joy!

One of members Ms Riley began to speak, she gave a brief introduction. My favorite line was "We are going to get REAL."